Suncoast offers students numerous clubs and activities that they are able to join. Our organizations are a great form of getting involved with the school and other students! Check out these clubs we offer!

Academic Games- Language Arts: Mary Rawson
Academic Games- Math: Monica Russell
Academic Games-Social Studies: [email protected]
Academic Tourney HS: Cartier Scott
ACDC - SGCC: Joshua Donato
Art Community Club: Anthony Kopp
Art for Service (not active): Amy Armbruster
Association of Blacks & Latinos Entering STEM (ABLES): Monica Russell
Baking Club: Hannah Harris
Bags That Benefit: Andrea Scaturo
BAND: Michael Cofield
Battle of the Books: Suzanne Borda
BEST (Bethune Elementary Student Teachers): Andrea Smith
Black Student Union: Clarence Walker
Butterfly Garden Club: Vincent Watson
Cancer Awareness Club: Amy Armbruster
Charger Pride: Kristy Strickland
Chess Club: Liesl Deluera
Commons Book Club (Not Active): Amy Armbruster
Computer Science Club: [email protected]
Cupcakes for a Cause: Ashley Busse
Dance Marathon: Mary Rawson
Dance Yourself Club: Laura Hamilton
Debate: Traci Lowe
Economic Leaders of America: Tazeen Rashid
Engineering Inspirations: Vincent Watson
Environmental Assoc: Richard Harr
Extra IQ: Elizabeth Pearson
FBLA: David Pardo
FCA: Kara Macsuga
Flight Club: Boe Walker
First Priority: Sandra Rivera
French Honor Society: Caron Morton
Sophmore Class Sponsor: Boe Walker
Freshman Class Sponsor: Widline Pierre-Louis
Film Club: Ron Sterling
Game Development Club: George Lebron
Gardening Club: Hunter Tabloff
Gay Straight Alliance GSA: Emilio Gomez
Girls Who Code: Joshua Donato
Guitar Club: David Pardo
Hands across Campus: Tazeen Rashid
Habitat for Humanity: Maria Edgar
Harry Potter: Becky Hamilton
Honor Flight Club: David Traill
HOSA: Liesl Deluera
Jewish Student Union Brian Hanson
Junior Class Co-Sponsor: Rachele Davies
Key Club (Kiwanis): Laura Wedelhanley
Kindness Matters 365: Hannah Harris
Latin Dance Club: Richard Harr
Latin Student Union (LSU): Cecil Lunsford
Model UN: Kelli Erianne
Mu Alpha Theta: Elizabeth Pearson
Muslim Student Union: Fahmida Matin
My School Votes: Maria Edgar
National Art Honor Society: Anthony Kopp
National English Honor Society: Ashley Busse
Newspaper: Traci Lowe
NHS - National Honor Society:  Autumn Ramsey
Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO): Suzanne Borda
Nourish International: Ashley Busse
Operation Smile Club: Molly McCann
Philosophy Club: Cecil Lunsford
Photo Club:  Ron Sterling
Poetry Out Loud: Suzanne Borda
Poetry Slam: Suzanne Borda
Political Discourse Club: David Pardo
Project Clean: Amy Armbruster
Reading Tutors: Suzanne Borda
Rubik's Cube Wizards: John Forde
School Duel: Cartier Scott
Science Honor Society: Nicole Neuhengen
SECME: Nicole Neuhengen
SEEC (Space Exploration and Engineering Club): Nicole Neuhengen
Senior Class Sponsor: Richard Harr, John Forde
SGA: Mary Rawson
Society for Ethics in Science and Healthcare (SESH): Laura Hamilton
Society of Women Engineers (SWE): Elizabeth Pearson
South Florida Tech For Seniors: George Lebron
Spanish Honor Society: Emilio Gomez
Spikeball Fans: Molly McCann
SSA (Safe School Ambassadors):  Lisa Rodrigues
Steve's Club: Monica Russell
Students Against Melanoma (SAM):  Karole Hannah
Students Against Tobacco (Swat): Becky Hamilton
Students for Hibiscus: Neil Brown
Suncoast Student ACES: Kelli Erianne
Suncoast Step Squad: Setutsi Dennis
Suncoast Tabletop Gaming: Kevin Lumley
Table Tennis: Edward Kilgus
Taylor Swift Club: Traci Lowe
TEAM Tutors: Manoushka Mathieu
Technology Student Association (TSA): John Forde
The AfterShow Club: Stephanie Russo
The Cornelia T. Bailey Women Who Write at Suncoast High: Patricia Pitton
Tri M Music Honor Society:  Hannah Harris
Turning Point USA: Edward Kilgus
UNICEF: Ramona Harvey
Wellness Coordinator:  Ashley Busse
Hurricane Boundaries: Suzanne Borda
Suncoast Artificial Intelligence Society: George Lebron
TransActions: Hannah Harris
Piano Club: Hannah Harris
Students Fighting for a Future: Victoria Perez
Latinas in Action: Emilio Gomez
Syzygy Literary Magazine: Kristy Seidel